Valerie Gotch Garrett has dedicated her life to servicing others. She is the proud mother of five (5) children and (7) grandchildren. In 2020, she was overwhelmingly elected to serve the 15th JDC as a district judge. She is a highly respected attorney with 30 years of legal experience servicing people in all parishes, ensuring that the voices of the less fortunate were heard with respect and dignity. Trusted by the people she has represented at every level; she is careful to protect that which she has been honored to receive.

Unparalleled in her faith, fairness and compassion for all humanity and the pursuit of justice, Judge Valerie Gotch Garrett is our choice to be the next 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal Judge.

Her selfless time working for her community led to her serving as Chairwoman of the Lafayette Regional Airport Commission and it was vision and leadership that led to the newly constructed airport, which opened earlier this year.
Judge Garrett will always demand fairness and justice in every case and is uncompromising in ensuring justice prevails for everyone who come before her and that has led to countless awards and recognition. However, the only recognition that truly matters to her is from the people she represents, who know they can always depend on her to be fair in every situation.

Judge… Lawyer…
Community Leader…
With a true passion for justice,
Judge Valerie Gotch Garrett is the right choice to be the next representative on the
Court of Appeal.

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701 N. Pierce St. Ste. A
Lafayette, LA 70501